The RSRCH Platform offers many advantages for both researchers and organisations. It supports all aspects of the digital research process, from research to management, and ensures that studies demonstrably comply with applicable academic standards and laws and regulations.

RSRCH for researchers and organisations


Researchers can start their research sooner, they have access to the right tooling and data and they can collaborate in a secure manner with colleagues within and outside their organisation. This gives the researcher all the functionalities they need to do what they do best: conduct research.


Organisations can manage their research environment with the extensive management features, the integrated audit functionality and security features. You will save costs and demonstrably comply with applicable academic standards and laws and regulations.

The many advantages of RSRCH:


RSRCH lets researchers collaborate securely with colleagues within and outside their organisation.


RSRCH makes it possible to safeguard the reproducibility of research with the automated audit trails.

Self-service model

The portal lets you manage your own research environment and gives you insight into the resources being used and their costs.


Administrators are free to scale the environment up or down in terms of processing power, data storage capacity, analysis tools, number of users and archive space.

Anywhere, anytime

RSRCH gives researchers access to the platform and all its features anywhere, anytime and on any device.


Your systems are always optimally protected with the latest security updates and anti-virus software.

All data types

RSRCH supports the collection, deidentification, processing and analysis of all data types: structured, unstructured and “big data.”

Quicker start

Researchers can start their research much quicker because the necessary IT infrastructure is immediately available. A Workspace can be made ready for use in just one hour.


Every research project requires different analysis tools. The RSRCH Platform gives you the flexibility to use your own tools.

The RSRCH Platform

The RSRCH Platform offers a powerful combination of components that come together to support the various stages of digital research. In addition to the standard components for the research itself and the management of the environment, you can add functionalities to your environment with additional components.

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Jeroen Luigjes
Managing Director RSRCH