The RSRCH Platform

The RSRCH Platform offers a unique combination of components that support all aspects of digital research: from setting up a research environment to sharing the results. Here, you can read more about the various components.

A powerful combination of components

The RSRCH Platform offers a powerful combination of a Workspace with analysis tools and a Portal. With these, RSRCH offers functionalities and advantages to both researchers and their organisations. For example, a researcher can conduct their research with the Workspace: storing, processing, analysing and sharing data. The Portal is used for management purposes, e.g. to modify functionalities or scale the environment up or down as needed.

The RSRCH platform consists of:

The Workspace

The place where the digital research is conducted. This is where researchers find the information and tools they need to analyse, share and enrich data for their research. Users can choose between two Workspaces: the Web Interface lets you work on your research anywhere, anytime and on any device, while the Virtual Desktop is used to work on your own device with the tools you installed.

The Portal

The self-service portal is used to manage the research environment. Administrators can set up a Workspace in just one hour. They can also use the Portal to modify, expand or automatically archive existing Workspaces. Finally, the portal provides detailed insight into capacity usage, which facilitates easy cost management.

Security and availability are guaranteed with:

Managed File Service (SAFE)

The Managed File Service, also known as SAFE, offers a secure environment with extensive file storage capacity. You can use it as a separate environment or integrate it into your Workspace.


We understand the importance of keeping your environment secure and private. In addition to the work we do every day to safeguard the platform’s security and confidentiality, we think along with you and offer advice to help you optimise the security of your environment.

More possibilities with these additional functionalities:

Data Staging Area

The Data Staging Area is the environment used to manage sensitive data. Data is safely retrieved from hospital systems or catalogues to the research environment and then deidentified, or vice versa.

Dataset Catalogue

The Dataset Catalogue makes it easy to find datasets related to the RSRCH Platform. Users must be able to search online using standard search engines to find information about a certain dataset.

Connect to data sources

To create secure and effective data workflows, researchers must be able to combine all types of data with other research data. The RSRCH Platform lets researchers connect to e.g. hospital information systems such as Epic, Chipsoft and Castor.

Enablement en training

To take full advantage of the many features of RSRCH, we offer a training programme for research support team members and researchers working with a RSRCH showcase. The training programmes are tailored to the users’ IT skills and knowledge.

Set up your research environment with the functionalities you require.
The advantages

RSRCH offers a unique combination of functionalities and advantages for both researchers and organisations. For researchers, the platform is a solution that supports all aspects of digital research. For organisations, it is a solution that makes it easy to manage research environments and comply with applicable academic standards and laws and regulations.

Discover all advantages

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Jeroen Luigjes
Managing Director RSRCH