RSRCH was developed in collaboration with the Radboudumc, based on research projects that researchers immediately got to work on. The platform therefore offers exactly what is needed in the research field.

Developed in collaboration

RSRCH is a solution by Vancis, developed in collaboration with Radboudumc, Aridhia and MGRID, among others. The environment was developed based on twenty-one research projects (showcases) that researchers from the Radboudumc were working on. The platform was therefore born in practice and offers exactly what is needed in the research field.

In 2016, Radboudumc launched the platform in its organisation: the Digital Research Environment (DRE). This made it the first UMC in the Netherlands to offer all its researchers a digital research platform. Read more about the Radboudumc’s research environment.

Focus on research

The goal of RSRCH is to allow researchers to focus on what they do best: conducting valuable research. We want to realise this by simplifying and speeding up digital research and by facilitating collaboration between researchers. At the same time, costs are reduced and it is made easier for organisations to meet applicable academic standards and laws and regulations.

RSRCH, a solution by Vancis

RSRCH is a solution by Vancis, which has been supporting the research and education sector for more than forty years with high-quality IT services. Read more about Vancis

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Jeroen Luigjes
Managing Director RSRCH